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GoWell Benefits Does It Better With No-Code

GoWell Benefits simplifies the benefits enrollment process for employees, companies, and brokers. The system eliminates manual efforts typically undergone in the insurance enrollment process, prevents errors and data inconsistencies, and automates the underwriting process in one unified application. It connects the dots between three entities that would otherwise require separate systems.   

  • Brokers can offer simplified healthcare plans to employers based on company need, size, and geographic locations.   
  • Employers have access to detailed healthcare plans provided by brokers and choose which plans they would like to offer their employees.  
  • Employees can enroll, view, and edit their benefits in real-time and view their payroll deductions  
  • Automated application intake prevents common errors and data inconsistencies  
  • HR can access up to date data on enrollees and all their benefits instantly   


Benefits enrollment is a complicated and error-prone process. Incorrect or missing data in electronic health records, including registration systems, was named one of the top 10 patient safety concerns in healthcare in 2018.    

Being that enrollment is an entirely manual process, errors arise during the transfer of data. GoWell Benefits would build a system that effectively eliminated the extensive manual efforts involved in enrollment for employees, HR, and brokers.   

Beyond the enrollment solution, GoWell Benefits needs to continuously improve customer experiences to reach new markets and stay ahead of industry changes. Each new client usually requires a level of customization and integration that can involve changes in the business process, look and feel or connections to existing systems. The most agile vendors innovate to compete successfully in this highly competitive industry.

What GoWell Benefits Delivered using Graphite Studio™

GoWell Benefits is a portal that allows employees to enroll in their chosen insurance offering directly, eliminating HR's responsibility for manual efforts typically found in the insurance enrollment process. Removing manual inputs prevents errors and data inconsistencies.

Developing GoWell Benefits with Graphite Studio™ took away all the menial tasks of benefit enrollment. Now I can focus on doing things better.

Holly Adams, Founder

The GoWell Benefits Application automates the underwriting process. It is not a separate system but a unified experience that includes the underwriting and enrollment of employees and companies. It manages the chosen contribution amount from the company and calculates the payroll deduction for the employee. Graphite Studio™ delivered a composable architecture that makes it easy to adapt, connect and create new processes to support their clients' business needs.   

GoWell Benefits allows the employee to view their estimated payroll deduction amount before enrolling to make the best decision for their circumstance. Once they have selected and enrolled in a program, GoWell Benefits gives users ongoing insight into their plans and benefits. The application also gives HR the ability to access up-to-date data and in-depth reporting on enrollees, their benefits, and their deductions.


Preventing inaccuracies in the enrollment process saves organizations time and therefore costs related to correcting errors in enrollee information. Automating the intake process with GoWell Benefits reduced total errors to ensure the enrollment is complete and correct.   

When customization is needed, GoWell adapts the visual workflow to reflect the desired process and Graphite Studio™ updates code after each change. GoWell can also easily customize the appearance of each customer's portal using Graphite Studio's™ reusable user interface (UI) Element Packs. Connecting with existing or new applications and data is as easy as one click, leveraging ready-built web services. GoWell Benefits stays ahead of the innovation curve by enabling the composable enterprise with Graphite Studio™. This agility builds upon their solution to most easily address market changes so GoWell Benefits can focus on growing their business.

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