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No-Code Doesn’t Mean No-Documentation

Documentation costs 20-30% of an application's effort. So, when time is short, do you write less code or skip documenting it? This "Technical debt" spells trouble for the enterprise. Lack of updated documentation leaves you in the middle of the jungle without a map. Retracing steps can cost up to 6 times the original development investment. And the more you create undocumented solutions, the more debt you create. 

With low/no-code, application innovation just got faster. Much faster. 

It's a brave new world! Now, ambitious business analysts and less-skilled developers are empowered. Lines of business and departments are their own innovators. Solving problems just went from months to weeks, even days. Although enterprises become more agile, what's the true Total Cost of Innovation (TCI) without documentation?  

The solution is achieved through people or the platform. In the case of through people, you can invest the time for the knowledge workers (new to application creation) to learn from experienced developers. Documentation survives time, and time has a way of erasing familiarity, even for the application creator. Equally important is teamwork, which depends on understanding others' work. Learning how to document to enterprise standards consistently pays high ROI's, without which costs dearly.  

In the case of the platform, consider a low/no-code platform that builds its own documentation to get the job done each step of the way. Problem solved. 

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