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PPE Global Health Captures New Business

PPE Global Health took advantage of an unanticipated business opportunity by building out a centralized platform for their clients to seamlessly order standardized critical PPE across a multi-location enterprise. The solution features a common backend and fully customizable user experience, depending on the needs of the customer.  

The application lets users create accounts, browse through a detailed list of products, place orders, gives managers the ability to manage those orders, and integrates with shipping services. 

  • Centralized database
  • Customer onboarding
  • Payment integration
  • Streamlined customizability per customer needs
  • Auditable tracking of orders 


Personal protective equipment has become a top priority for organization across the United States. With a high demand for quality protective equipment, organizations are struggling with fragmented PPE procurement. Centralizing and standardizing the supply chain is critical to address rapidly changing operational safety protocols. 

While there are countless online retailers, many organizations find inconsistencies within their PPE orders. With interruptions to the postal services becoming more frequent, deliveries are failing to arrive on time and orders were not properly accounted for and tracked. PPE supplies fell outside the client’s regular procurement and lacked a way to automate these critical processes, missing the chance to ensure quality control. The customer required the PPE supplier to provide an accompanying system to consolidate, track and facilitate orders. 

Centralizing a way to expedite procuring safety supplies outside the client’s regular supply chain system became a differentiator. But PPE Global Health was not in the business of developing software, particularly for order management. If not agile, PPE Global Health would be just another supplier.

The whole process was made so easy. Easy to build, quick to build, and we achieved business results we never anticipated. 

- Dan McClave, VP of Supply Chain PPE Global Health

These challenges mounted, risking the business, to include: 

  • Accelerated development timeline 
  • Payment integration directly from the app 
  • Services many distributed end-users
  • Scalable and customizable
  • Suits corporate application standards

What PPE Global Health Delivered using Graphite Studio

PPE Global Health needed to implement a PPE order management application within an accelerated development time frame. With this solution, PPE Global Health can offer a uniform procurement experience across any client’s entire operation. Without resources, software development expertise and time, PPE Global Health leveraged Graphite Studio™ to offer the client a way forward within a month. 

The solution is composed of field office management, product catalogue, order management, order approval processes, email integration, and interfaces with shipping and tracking. To meet the client’s corporate needs, PPE Global Health also relied on Graphite Studio’s™ robust and secure enterprise-class solution.

Results and Future Plans

Graphite Studio fit PPE Global Health’s model by delivering the entire project in under two (2) monthsfrom design, build, test and deploymentWith tight operational margins for PPE, Graphite Studio™ was ideal since its cost does not scale by the number of application’s end-users, but simply on the singularity of the application(s) itself. PPE Global Health is now servicing 116+ of its customer’s offices with its PPE Global Health platform and are quickly adding additional customers to its portfolio. With this composable approach, each new opportunity can be adapted with agility within the same day. PPE Global Health realized a business process through innovation enabled by Graphite Studio™ to gain clients without any software development knowledge.

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