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Graphite GTC Delivers Ultra-modern Healthcare Document Management System to The Crucial Care Companies

Emergency Healthcare Group, The Crucial Care Companies, have successfully implemented a modern system for managing secure documentation across their emergency service locations

BRYN MAWR, Pa.,  -- Graphite GTC, a privately-held enterprise-class development platform provider, has announced that The Crucial Care Companies "Crucial Care," an emergency medical practice organization with multiple urgent care facilities, chose Graphite GTC to build a HIPAA-compliant Document Management System. This new system has successfully replaced their legacy application and is being used across all 5 of their locations.

Graphite GTC's ability to demonstrate the rapid development of software using absolutely no code is what first piqued Crucial Care's interest. Crucial Care was managing a tight deadline and found that Graphite GTC was the only offering that could develop their custom solution within the necessary time frame. The Crucial Care team wanted a solution that would be available for use on any device but would not require additional development efforts and costs. Additionally, Crucial Care wanted a high-performance, simple and intuitive end-user experience, as their business relies upon instant access to sensitive patient information. Graphite GTC proved out its capability to build responsive and secure web applications with ease.

"The speed and reliability of the development has brought huge value to us, and it wouldn't be possible without a tool like Graphite GTC," says Chris Garson, CIO at Crucial Care. The Graphite GTC team successfully converted Crucial Care off of their legacy Visual Basic/Access Database application and onto a web-based solution. The new solution is HIPAA-compliant, integrates with surrounding software and hardware solutions and incorporates features such as auditable tracking of all system activity and role-based security.

"Our team has truly enjoyed working with the Crucial Care Companies, they have been a prime example of an innovative organization within the healthcare space, a space where speed and modernization directly impact life," says Chris Gali, CEO at Graphite GTC. Graphite GTC and Crucial Care are pleased to announce this combined success and look forward to continuing the relationship.

About Graphite GTC

Graphite GTC provides tools and technology for the development of cloud-based enterprise software without coding and in an efficient and cost effective manner. Based in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, Graphite GTC promotes rapid no-code development for large-scale software projects and enables efficient production of software applications. Graphite GTC greatly reduces the time, errors, and complications associated with traditional software projects by fostering a visual paradigm for 100% of system development. For more information, visit WWW.GRAPHITEGTC.COM

About Crucial Care

The Crucial Care Companies are a portfolio of healthcare companies that improve quality and control cost by helping patients get access to the care they need prior to going to the ER or hospital. Founded in Jacksonville, FL in 2007 by Emergency Medicine Physicians, The Crucial Care Companies are a portfolio of 4 companies: Crucial Care facilities are ER capable emergency facilities that combine leading edge care and real-time managed care to create actuarially validated savings; Crucial Care Without Walls is an award winning Readmissions Shield Program that can lower hospital Readmissions over 50%; MedTalent is a national healthcare staffing and recruiting company; and Empathy Care manages populations of patients to improve the quality of the care they receive and control their healthcare costs. For more information, visit WWW.CRUCIALCARE.COM

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