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Advantage Insurance Chooses Graphite GTC to Accelerate Their Software Development

BRYN MAWR, Pa.,  -- Graphite GTC, an enterprise-class development platform provider, announced today that Advantage Insurance Inc. ("Advantage") has chosen to modernize their applications using the Graphite GTC platform. Advantage's decision followed rigorous analysis of Graphite GTC's usefulness, after which Advantage concluded the platform would be a good fit for the insurance provider's complex IT needs.

Advantage will use Graphite GTC's no-code development platform to build applications rapidly without handwritten code. Advantage is using Graphite GTC to modernize its mission critical business processes related to insurance underwriting and data management. The Graphite GTC platform provides Advantage's developers the tools necessary to develop modern and intuitive user experiences, enabling faster user training and improving employee efficiency.

Eric Miller, Chief Information Officer of Advantage Insurance, commented: "I am excited about the benefits that Graphite GTC brings to Advantage in its ongoing systems upgrades. Integrating the Graphite GTC platform into our current development life cycle has been seamless thus far. We are looking forward to fully utilizing the power of the Graphite GTC platform to increase productivity and decrease the development and implementation time needed to upgrade our core business processes. In particular, we like the way Graphite GTC allows us to build new user interfaces without refactoring or manually modifying existing code."

Shawn Wagner, CTO of Graphite GTC said, "Advantage Insurance is a good example of Graphite GTC's experience of software development within the insurance industry." Graphite GTC improves the output of development teams by making development lifecycles shorter, safer, and more efficient. enhance quality assurance and enable Advantage's integration of different systems across its lines of business.

About Graphite GTC

Graphite GTC provides tools and technology for the development of cloud-based enterprise software without coding and in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Based in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, Graphite GTC promotes accelerated development for large-scale software projects and enables efficient production of software applications. By leveraging new technology, Graphite GTC empowers teams to build better software. For more information, visit WWW.GRAPHITEGTC.COM

About Advantage Insurance

Advantage Insurance Inc. ("Advantage"), through its operating subsidiaries, specializes in providing customized insurance services to high-net-worth individuals and business owners to serve their risk management and financial planning needs. Headquartered in Puerto Rico with office locations in the United States and Cayman Islands, Advantage has two primary lines of business: Life Insurance and Business Insurance. Advantage's Life Insurance division issues private placement life insurance policies and annuities, and its Business Insurance division provides captive insurance management services. In addition, Advantage underwrites certain property and casualty insurance risks for its own account and on behalf of its captive insurance clients.

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