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Treasury  Modernizes Their Loan Portfolio Application 

The U.S. Treasury successfully developed and deployed their Graphite Studiobuilt Loan Web-based Loan Portfolio Management and Monitoring Application in only four months.  

  • Web-based  
  • Built-in auditing and history support
  • 508 Compliant
  • Integrated email notifications
  • Highly secure 


The U.S. Treasury was managing sensitive borrower information using spreadsheets. This limited employees’ abilities to access data analytics or reports and did not allow for them to work concurrently. The solution did not allow for employees to work remotely and needed to be completed quickly.   

The solution they needed would require integration amongst multiple existing applications, auditable tracking of user activity and precise monitoring and analysis of loan activity.  

  • Highly complex business workflow  
  • Sensitive financial information needed to be stored properly 
  • Full adherence to compliance standards 
  • Solution needed to be scalable 

Graphite Studio provided risk free digital transformation for the CDFI Fund Portfolio Monitoring - No more spreadsheets to manage our loan guarantees!

— Senior Federal Representative 


How the U.S. Treasury Updated Their Loan Portfolio Management and Monitoring Application Using Graphite Studio™  

The 508-compliant solution powered by Graphite Studio™ lets employees analyze data and create reports based on a borrower’s real-time financial conditions, and allows all of it to be done remotely. The solution also now features built-in auditing and history support, and keeps track of changes to accounts and maintains detailed records of sensitive data.  


The entire project, including conversion, took four months to complete and features:  

  • Highly secure sensitive data 
  • Agile, composably built system that can adapt with the program. 
  • Treasury employees now remotely and seamlessly work together 
  • Financial data is updated real-time from multiple systems of record
  • Able to continuously improve with a composable architecture 


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