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Graphite GTC Announces Industry-First Code Guarantee

BRYN MAWR, Pa.,  -- Graphite GTC sets a new standard of excellence in the software industry by guaranteeing zero warning security scans to their enterprise customers. Their Source Code Perfection program ensures 100% defect free security scans of generated application code, providing their clients a peerless level of core application security. As the demand for faster development timelines increase and the complexity of modern systems grow, developers struggle to complete software initiatives leading to vulnerabilities in the code. According to a Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, application-level vulnerabilities are responsible for one-third of all data breaches. Security gaps are often derived from poorly designed applications and human error, both of which are difficult to locate and as a result systems are exposed to unwanted threats.

To combat security threats, Graphite GTC's no-code platform eliminates the need for hand coding efforts. Applications are developed visually and generate perfectly written third-generation language based applications. Graphite GTC is uniquely qualified to provide its Source Code Perfection program because it generates accessible source code.

"With our Source Code Perfection program, companies using the Graphite GTC Platform to build solutions no longer need to worry about leaving their customers' private information exposed," said Christopher Gali, Graphite GTC Founder.

This places Graphite GTC in a category of one. The validation provided by best-of-breed security scanning software tools ensures that all source code generated by the Graphite GTC Platform is impenetrable and in compliance with industry best practices. All security features are built into the system and require no additional development.

"Development teams no longer need to dedicate time to ensure applications are safe because security is built into Graphite GTC's generated code," said Ed Czajka, Graphite GTC's security expert.

Graphite GTC continues to disrupt the high-productivity software development sector with the only true no-code software development accelerator. The Perfect Code Platform offers clients a full contractual guarantee that the source code generated by the Graphite GTC Platform will meet or exceed all current industry security standards.

About Graphite GTC

Graphite GTC provides tools and technology for the development of cloud-based enterprise software without coding and in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Based in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, Graphite GTC promotes accelerated development for large-scale software projects and enables efficient production of software applications. By leveraging its technology, Graphite GTC empowers teams to build better software.

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