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Crucial Care Takes a Customer First Approach

Crucial Care is a growing organization which currently operates multiple boutique emergency care facilities throughout the state of Florida. With plans to expand, Crucial Care determined that they needed a document management solution that would be flexible, affordable and easy to use across multiple facilities. In addition to these criteria, the solution had to be HIPAA-compliant, audit all system activity and meet all of the unique business requirements of the urgent care facilities, today and tomorrow   

  • Web-based  
  • Built-in auditing and history support
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Integrated email notifications
  • Role-based security defines user access to documents at multiple facilities and system features


Crucial Care was managing a tight deadline and was in need of an offering that could develop their custom solution within the necessary time frame. The Crucial Care team wanted a solution that would be available for use on any device without additional development efforts and costs.  

Additionally, Crucial Care wanted a high-performance, simple and intuitive end-user experience, as their business relies upon instant yet highly secure access to sensitive patient information. 

  • Highly complex business workflow 
  • Sensitive financial information needed to be stored properly 
  • Full adherence to compliance standards
  • Solution needed to be scalable 
  • Global search capability to rapidly access specific folder or file

The speed and reliability of the development has brought huge value to us, and it wouldn't have been possible without a tool like Graphite Studio™.

— Chris Garson, CIO 

Why Crucial Care delivered ScanStat using Graphite Studio™ 

Crucial Care explored a number of solution providers and out-of-the-box software options before selecting Graphite Studio™ as the platform of choice. The determination was made after Graphite Studio™ demonstrated its ability to rapidly develop composable enterprise applications, lending to the confidence that it could not only truly deliver a successful custom solution in only a few months, but continuously deliver improvements. 

Crucial Care's Document Management System, ScanStat, went into production in May of 2016. Since going into production, there are approximately 120 users and the application manages hundreds of thousands of documents, made up of more than 55 different file types.

Future Plans

Crucial Care will continue to add additional functionality as well as user-experience enhancements. Graphite Studio™ allows for easy integration to new software Crucial Care adopts. This allows them to build an adaptable digital infrastrucute, allowing for a a nimble composable application portfolio.
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