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Graphite GTC No-Code Platform is Chosen by Collectors Alliance for ERP Modernization Project

Collectors Alliance has chosen the Graphite GTC platform to modernize their proprietary back-office ERP system, allowing for increased productivity and streamlined warehouse operations.

BRYN MAWR, Pa.,  -- When it comes to retail, a common expectation for customers is that their shopping experience should be both quick and accurate. This is especially relevant for home shopping and e-retail consumers, as customers are not viewing products in person and have to trust the supplier to get it right. When placing an order, today's consumers expect a timely response, fast shipping and accurate shipments, and to accomplish this, the complexities of warehouse management need to be condensed into a simplified process. With e-retailer competition steadily increasing and order volume growing, modernizing their systems for order management and warehouse workflow was a priority for Collectors Alliance.

For over 20 years, Collectors Alliance, the nationally recognized collectible coin retailer, has been dedicated to serving its customers in a personalized way. Located in Lakewood, New Jersey and processing over a half million orders annually, Collectors Alliance made the decision to modernize their core back-office software application in order to streamline their business operations. To better serve their customers and assist their employees with efficient order assembly, Collectors Alliance wanted to move off of their legacy system and onto a more flexible, modern and mobile-enabled solution. The new system will be used to automate all of the operations surrounding warehouse workflow, inventory management, customer relationship management, customer orders, supplier purchase orders and much more. "Quite simply, it's the backbone of our business," says Justin Duane, VP of Sales & Marketing at Collectors Alliance.

Graphite GTC Channel Partner, Sivana Technologies, will be implementing the new solution using the Graphite GTC no-code platform. The decision to use the Graphite GTC platform was based on its demonstrated capability to rapidly develop complex software solutions visually, without the use of hand coding efforts. "We deliberated on this project over an 18 month period while carefully vetting no less than 4 vendor partners. We kept running into the same issue – what do we do if our business changes during implementation? Kannan (VP Platform Solutions, Sivana) and his team were the first to offer the ability to make rapid evolutions of the project on the fly...a must for our rapidly growing business. We selected Sivana for the speed, flexibility and performance that the Graphite GTC platform offers. We firmly believe that this is the way of the future and are very satisfied with Sivana's performance using Graphite GTC – it's moving even faster than we imagined!" says Justin.

Graphite GTC greatly reduces the resources needed to create the Collectors Alliance Warehouse Management System and preserves their mission of being the most trusted name in coin collecting. Modernizing their warehouse management system will greatly simplify Collectors Alliance's process of creating, assembling, and shipping orders. Solutions built with Graphite GTC are not only mobile-enabled, multi-language and multi-currency, they are automatically generated, and more easily integrated and managed. The new solution developed with Graphite GTC will streamline all processes, expedite the shipping process and make it easier for the Collectors Alliance workforce to get their jobs done.

About Graphite GTC

Graphite GTC provides tools and technology for the development of cloud-based enterprise software without coding and in an efficient and cost effective manner. Based in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, Graphite GTC promotes rapid no-code development for large-scale software projects and enables efficient production of software applications. Graphite GTC greatly reduces the time, errors, and complications associated with traditional software projects by fostering a visual paradigm for 100% of system development. For more information, visit WWW.GRAPHITEGTC.COM.

About Collectors Alliance

Located in Lakewood, New Jersey, Collectors Alliance has been the most trusted name in coin collecting for over 20 years. Having been recognized by some of the largest television shopping networks in the nation, Collectors Alliance is more than a nationally recognized services firm specializing in collectibles, they are a company large enough to suit all collectible needs, while still providing a one-on-one specialized experience for the consumer. For more information, visit WWW.COLLECTORSALLIANCE.COM.

About Sivana Technologies

Sivana offers comprehensive and business aligned Digital Transformation Solutions leveraging Graphite GTC's No-Code Visual Development Platform along with emerging technologies such as Hybrid Cloud, Mobility and Big Data for enterprises worldwide. Sivana is a certified enterprise implementation partner for Graphite GTC. For more information, visit WWW.SIVANATECH.COM.

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